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We make our puppets using high quality materials including latex and foam. We use a very professional approach right from the beginning. The face of the puppet is always made using high quality latex while the body is made from foam. For durability and extending the life of puppet we hand stitch every part and great care is taken to make the puppet easier to use and maintain.

Under proper conditions and with adequate maintenance and care our high quality latex puppets would last for several years.

1- The latex puppets give a realistic look and are fascinating to watch. Their eyes look as if they are actually moving.
2- They are almost living cartoons. You can make a great character out of a latex puppet with little or no effort.
3- The latex puppets are super lightweight and allow you to perform with them for hours. They are also very comfortable from inside.
4- They are easy to handle, if you are a ventriloquist you would find the synchronization very easy.
5- They have no slot jaw and the flexible skin make them look so real and natural.
6- They are easy to carry, If you buy one from you get a custom carry bag without any extra charge and ton load of extras to customize your puppet for the occasion.

Taking care of our professional latex puppets is made very convenient.

Most of our puppets include a convenience zipper. The zipper allows you to remove the stuffing and gently hand wash the fabric with a mild detergent. For the latex portions of the puppet’s face, simply apply some armorall or 303 aerospace protectant and gently wipe the surface.

All our puppets come with a custom carry bag at no extra charge. The puppets are made extremely lightweight and durable to withstand mobility and stress during transportation.    

Yes, We specialize in making custom puppets for performers including ventriloquists, magicians, puppeteers and entertainers. We also make custom puppets for live theater and film. All you have to do is give us few photos and description of what you want and we can make custom puppets and props according to your specific requirements.

Ventriloquism is an art of speaking without moving your lips and is very easy to learn. Anybody can become a ventriloquist with some practice.

If you are a magician, use of puppets can add a totally new dimension to your act and would make your shows more entertaining and appealing for your audience. You can select the puppet of your choice from our inventory of over 20 characters or you can have us make a custom puppet for you if you can not find what you are looking for in our store.


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