Santa Claus Puppet

Santa Claus Puppet

Size: 36″ head to toe

$599 $700

Puppet Description

This great Santa Claus puppet comes fully costumed just for the holiday season. The puppet comes with a latex head and hands. Santa can easily become a custom puppet for your show with a few offered extras; you can order him with or without clothes at no additional cost. The clothes are all custom made and include : hat, jucket, pants, belt, gloves and non removable custom boots. The standard puppet comes loaded with professional features, it is 36″ inches tall and comes with posable fingers. This puppet comes with a custom carry bag at no extra charge. As always, we love to customize our puppet to fit in your show. If you have any ideas that will help make any of our puppets truly yours, just drop us a line. We can generally make it happen for you. Thanks again and happy shopping.

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